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A Bed of Roses

All of my life, I have been surrounded by flowers and gardens.  Growing up, there were rose bushes underneath my window that my mother grew.  She also had a garden then, and does still. Somewhere along the way, she became fascinated with water lilies, and if she could grow them successfully.  To add one more time-consuming, temperamental flower to take care of, she also started to grow orchids.  Flowers like these aren't just a hobby - they are less tasking than children, but require as much or more care as a pet.  Eventually, from being around these flowers and from listening to my mother over the years, I have come to appreciate their beauty and their allure, as well as the skill it takes to maintain that beauty. 

So as a photographer, I am drawn again and again to the sight of a rich blossom in sunlight, and I am wondrous at the sight of water lilies as they open and close each day - always a different moment to capture.  And there is something to be said for beauty that is hard to come by and relatively short-lived (orchids can blossom 1-2 times a year once mature, and each water lily bloom lasts only four days)

In the photos, the water lilies are from my mother's pond;
the orchids are from a nursery in Hawaii, and my own.

        Water Lilies                        Orchids lily0          orchid0

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